To become a successful freight forwarder, you must have strong freight forwarding sales capabilities. For this you need to be able to understand the mentality of your international customers and provide them with what they want when they need overseas partners.

Considering that import and export culture may vary greatly from country to country, the first thing you should make sure is to increase your freight forwarding sales by relying on qualified and experienced sales staff.

Keep reading the followings to see what else you can do to increase your freight forwarding sales.

Four tips to complete your sales

  • Know market trends fully
  • Motivate the sales team
  • Develop digital marketing strategies
  • join a forwarder network

Know market trends fully

Your freight forwarding sales performance will be affected by the market.

Therefore, you need to understand the current necessities and trends in all forwarding markets, so that you can constantly adjust your service level according to the market situation and make your service more competitive.

How to understand the needs and trends of the market? Here I offer you the following suggestions:

  1. Analyze your competitors
  2. Make your company more international
  3. Maintain effective communication with team members

Besides a good teamwork, you should focus on what your competitors are doing and keep studying the market.

Motivate the sales team

Sales is a challenging task, especially for b2b companies. In fact, many logistics transactions are completed after salespeople talk to many different people. This only shows that improving freight forwarding sales ability requires not only talent, but also perseverance.

Sometimes, although this process may be very long, in order to be successful, it is important to keep your team motivated at all times. In order to achieve this goal, you need to encourage your sales staff not to give up and provide a generous reward plan.

Develop digital marketing strategies

There are 3 methods that might be helpful for you:

  • SEO
  • Paid advertising:
  • Email marketing:

SEO: Providing high quality content for your target on your Facebook, blog, or private community will attract customers to develop their own.

Paid advertising: make your content available to more people outside of your group and get more traffic. The more people your AD attracts, the better your chance of getting qualified customers.

Email marketing: instead of communicating with potential customers with actively emailing them. You can use email automation to let your potential customers get the information and answers they need. You can even design your own email marketing process.

Join a forwarder network

In addition to relying on sales staff, the most successful freight forwarders will also use forwarder networks,if you are still not part of the forwarder network, then you should consider this.

Although this requires an investment, becoming a member of one of these groups is one of the most effective ways to seek out new markets and build partnerships to increase your sales.

To choose a network to join, consider its global reach, feedback from current members, and the tools and benefits the group offers to improve your company’s international sales performance.

Once you join in, don’t forget to become an active member, attend the annual meeting and take full advantage of all the tools the group has for you.

There is no doubt that a useful network like GLA Family is one of your best options to find more reliable business partners to expand your business opportunities.

In order to increase your sales, most freight forwarders need to establish relationships with other agents. Through different cooperation, they can increase sales.

Final thought

Being the owner of a freight forwarding company is not easy. But now you might have already known what to do to boost your sales.