What is the Internet of Things:

Nowadays,technology and science have developed.The internet of things becomes the hot topic among the supply chain.

The internet of things is based on cloud computing and date collector.

Also it is a technology about machine-to–machine communication.

According to a report from Gartner,The number of connected devices will increased by 30% in 2016.

There are 6.4 billion devices will enter the Internet of Things field and this report predicts the numbers will further

How does this affect the logistics market?

For a long time,one of the most diffcult thing is complication about supply chain management.

It is hard to communicate in time with each other among suppliers,retailers and customers.

In the other hand,different countries have their own langauge,so it will make it more complicated.

At this point,The internet of Things play an important role in this case.
We can connect members and dates by the devices when Internet of Things join into supply chain.

Previously,the connection among supplier,retailer and customer is proceeded by phone and email.It totally wastes time.

But now,we can use Internet of Things to optimize the level of inventory and also improve the plan.It saves the cost directly.

The transition between Global freight forwards and supply chain bring challenges and opportunities.

The problem which professionals face will make them realize many dates from Internet of Things.

Internet of Things can simplize the process and adapt the digital network.

On the other hand,It is once in a lifetime opportunity to gain the market resource and increase the quantity of sale for the people who join The Internet of Things.