Nowadays, among the fierce competition market, Taking part in many logistics activities is one of the best way to promote can make your company get more promotion and publicity,thereby,you will get the deal.

Before Logistics enterprise activities,you need to do some preliminary,preparing for the speech content.And you can make full use of this opportunity to achieve more sell and promotion.

How to achieve more deal during the logistics enterprise activities?

Choose an appropriate logistics activities

There are a variety of activities forms,like,summit and wine party.

Different aims can support different in order to use this opportunity,the first step is to choose an appropriate participator.and then consider your goal,also your specific service.

Search for the company

After you decide to join this activities,the next step is to research for the participators who will join this activities.

You can find the other company and professional easily.Learning more information about this company so that you can use it to communicate with the company in time .Finally,it might become your partner.

Schedule your time according to your point

When you knew which activities you will join and who will join,all you need to do is to make a schedule.

Logistics summit is very important,so once you get access to the agenda of the freight forwarder meeting, you can sort out which events are important to you according to the company’s priorities.

Prepare for speech

Despite many cargo agents consider they very know their business,and don’t want to rehearsal.but it is significant to do more exercise.Making an outline about the topic of your company and make sure you can talk about every topic clearly.

This will contribute for other attendees to see you as an expert in your field and better understand the message you wish to pass.

In addition to that,remember to take some corporate materials like brochures, corporate presentations and promotional gifts to hand out at the conference. 

Use your creativity to come up with something that will catch the attention of other forwarding agents, making your brand memorable to them and increasing your chances of business generation in the long term.

Don’t forget to do effective follow-up

When it comes to sales generation, it is essential to run an effective follow-up with fellow attendees once the event is over.

For this reason, don’t forget to ask for the contact information of all the professionals you spoke to at the conference.

It is also important to take notes of the things you discussed with each one of them!

Then, once the conference is over and you return to the office, you can e-mail them and carry on with the conversation you had, showing that you kept their company in mind and increase your chances of generating business with each other.

Make a good impression

Finally, make sure get everything ready to cause a good impression! Make sure you are aware of what the dress code will be, so you can choose your outfits accordingly. Here are some other important things to keep in mind.