Creating a freight forwarder machine is not always an easy task, right? However, there are other methods to find new partners, such as expanding the business range and increasing sales.

Tips for creating a new freight forwarding business opportunity

Tips for creating a new freight forwarding business opportunity

Always keep in communication

There are so many freight forwarders in the market today so that a simple task can make a difference in completing a trade or expanding business with a customer: communication. Answering calls, answering emails, and keeping open communication lines with customers or potential customers. Always have a structured plan on how to communicate with prospects and customers so that they can be valued by your company.

Invest in internal sales

Usually, freight forwarders need to focus on their external sales, but internal sales has become very essential. This is because the professional take charge of making a cold line call to qualify the customer and then passing it on to the sales representative for follow-up. This allows them to get better information about potential customers-their needs, what they do, etc.-and helps close the deal.

Manage your customers

One thing that can really help you create new business opportunities is to manage customers more effectively. Divide them into two types of customers (A and B):

Customer A: The process is longer and more time-consuming, but it will bring more profits to your company.

Customer B: Bring in less funds, but the process is faster.

This will enable you to divide customer service methods and allow them to provide customer A with more advanced services. This will enable them to find more business opportunities and complete more transactions.

Use technology to your liking

Today, many new tools can help your sales team. One of them is a marketing automation platform. you can see your entire sales process by your sales CRM without losing track of potential customers or customers. In addition to this, the platform also allows you to segment customer lists and create email streams to help you:

Make deals with customers who are not ready to start business.

Remember the customers and prospects about your company.

Look for customers who have been in contact with your company and content and are ready to connect with your commercial team.