It’s never so hard to boost the freight forwarding sales like today. The logistics market is more and more competitive. If freight forwarding companies would like to increase their sales, they need to show their differentials.

Due to the character of logistics industry, many things can affect your freight forwarding sales. But you can see the successful freight forwarders can still attract their customers and increase sales, why?

Here are the answers, today we will go through how you can boost your freight forwarding sales together. After reading this guideline, you will get some tips to increase your sales.

6 tips to increase freight forwarding sales

1. Understand the market

Only if you know the market deeply, you be updated about all the logistics trends. Otherwise the lack of understanding will affect your freight forwarding sales performance. It is the most important thing to all freight forwarding companies.

understant the logistics market to boost sales
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While you understand the market’s needs and trends, you can adjust your freight forwarding services better.

So how? Here are some tips for you:

  • analyze your competitors
  • get familar with the freight forwarding market
  • study from other freight forwarding companies
  • improve your freight forwarding services
  • let your company more international
  • join freight forwarding events
  • keep the effective communications with your team members

Besides a good teamwork, you should focus on what your competitors are doing and keep studying the market.

2. Take advantage of your network

Besides relying on the salespeople, the most successful freight forwarding comapanies will take advantage of their network.

Join GLA Family Network
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No doubt an useful network, like GLA Family, can find more reliable business partners. With the help of network, you can expand your business opportunities. To boost your sale, most freight forwarding companies need to connet with other agents. By different co-opperation, they can increase their sales.

Fournately, now digital network has made it easier for freight forwarding companies to connect together. If you have not joined any logistics networks, you’d join one. It will be the most effective ways to find more customres and get more sales leads.

3. Encourage your team

For b2b businesses, like the freight forwarding companies, selling is not easy. Besides networking and sales, customer relationship is important too. The customer experience will affect your sales also. Each freight forwarding company should encourage your team, keep them motivated.

Encourage your team
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Keeping a good relationship with your customer can not only bring you new business, but also change your customers to the loyal ones. Esipecially the freight forwarding, even you take part in some networks.

Listen to your customers and provide what they need. Once you give them the best solution, your freight forwarding will absoultely increase. Sometimes the process will last long, but you should always encourage your team to get what you want.

4. Run some marketing campaigns

To boost your freight forwarding sales, sure sales could help, but do not miss the power of marketing. Sometimes with a little help from marketing, you can boost more sales.

Use marketing strategies to expand your business and drive more chances. If your freight forwarding company does not have inhouse marketer, then you can hire a digital marketing agency.

Run some marketing campaigns
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Here are some tips for you:

  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Facebook advertising
  • email marketing
  • Other paid advertising
  • Offline Events

It is difficult to reach out to many people in the tradditional sales way, so why not do some marketing campaigns? Take advantage of some digital marketing tools, you will know how to increase your sales.

5.Build your right image

Up to now, many freight forwarders are still too tradditional. Think about why others have to co-opperate with you, hence you need to improve your image. Even you take the advantage of Global Logistics Alliance(GLA), your new partners will consider whether co-operate with you or not base on your image.

To buid your prospects, you should transit your prospects to your customers and network.

6. Show your differentials

As you may know, the logistics market is already competitive. If you want your freight forwarding company to stand out, you have to let your customers know what benefits they can get.

A successful freight forwarding company will use their differentials to attract the potenial customers. That will make your freight forwarding company a different image. When compared to other competitors, you may get win in some areas.

Last thought on freight forwarding sales

Being the owner of a freight forwarding company is not easy. But now you have already known what to do to boost your sales.

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