Today, there are more than 200 freight forwarding networks around the world, ranging from large ones with thousands of members to smaller ones with hundreds of members。

Most small and medium-sized freight forwarders are part of a freight forwarder network and interact with their community in WhatsApp groups or at their annual web conference.

The common purpose of all freight forwarders networks is to provide a secure and appropriate environment for their members to conduct business with other freight forwarders around the world.

However, it is important to analyze the quality of service each network provides to see if it can help your company achieve this goal.

Especially in the freight forwarding sector, which relies heavily on the development of international partnerships, service is an essential asset.

As a freight forwarder, you may send and receive several emails a day, using specialized software to track customer shipments, monitor activity, and other daily tasks.

Therefore, the Internet is an important part of your daily work. For example, when looking for a partner in another country, the Internet will help you analyze the options and find the best one.

Freight forwarding network all over the world

What is freight forwarding network?

The Freight Forwarders Network is an umbrella network of members who work together in accordance with established standards.

Also,they actively promote and support each other in logistics, customs clearance and related services by pooling sales, operational and financial resources.

The rationale behind this is to enable independent freight forwarders to compete with international players. Using their knowledge and work skills as local operators, the Freight Forwarders Network helps freight forwarders stay competitive.

The network is almost like a family, just like GLA Family Network! Before joining, freight forwarders go through a screening process to check financial stability, organizational details and a partner vetting process to ensure a high level of trust is maintained among members.

After your application is approved and your membership fee is paid, your company details will be submitted to the network database profile, which is accessible to all members.

Using freight forwarding network can bring you more businesses.

The benefits of freight forwarding network

It is necessary for every freight forwarder to join the freight forwarder’s logistics network. We will discuss the benefits of joining a freight forwarder network:

  • Establish a partnership
  • Generate new leads and business queries
  • Payment protection
  • Business submit
  • Increase the visibility

Establish a partnership

Each freight forwarder need partnerships to facilitate and handle business on international platforms from and to the country of origin.

In order to obtain quick service for daily operations, it is possible if the company is part of a qualified logistics network.Certified logistics networks facilitate the comparison and delivery of goods around the world.

Create new potential customers and business queries

Building a new business in the industry is very important. By joining well-known networks, companies can identify their partners to ship goods and meet new partners, thus creating more business opportunities worldwide.

Payment protection

The freight forwarding and logistics industries are highly competitive. Instant payment is the result that freight forwarders want in the logistics industry.

Sometimes, because of political, economic and geographical conditions, the logistics industry will have bankruptcies and bad debts. In this case, the network may be worth relying on to collect money from the company.

Many networks also offer high-quality payment protection plans within groups to protect their members from these unpleasant situations.

Business submit

Face to face with partners is also important. On the other hand, it is not easy to travel to each country to meet your partner, which involves time and money.

Here, the network plays an important role in organizing meetings for its members so that members can meet partners in a public place at good intervals.

This will keep team members close and thoroughly communicate their business practices in close interaction.

Increase the visibility

Being online will put your company in the limelight. The network will list your company details on the catalog page.

Share your company’s current status, special announcements and developments with your network partners through your web-mail system.

Last thought about freight forwarding network

After reading this article, you should have some understanding of the freight forwarder network.

Now the information technology is so developed, perhaps it is a wise choice to use the power of the freight forwarder network to help you develop your business.

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