Nowadays,the development of logistics network becomes faster and faster,and it also plays an important role in logistics industry

Due to the huge amount of forwarder and logistics companies,there are many problems appear in front of them,such as information asymmetry.

In this time,logistics network is the best way to solve this problem.It has lots of now i would like to introduce you 4 advantages of the logistics network.

Promoting communication among members

If you join the network and become a member of  it,the customer service department of the network will collect your company information and then make an announcement for the members who are in this network.

Also,customer service department will update their news、service and useful information,so that you can communicate better with members.

Member are more reliable

The members of  logistics network need to accept  a strict check ,which mean the members are approved  to join in.It is reliable and has a good credit,you don’t need to confuse if you will lose your benefit getting business with them.

On the other hand,  if you were accepted as a member it means your company is reliable, has a good financial background and all the qualifications required.

This will give them more confidence to make business with you, as well as give you peace of mind when you need to find a trustworthy partner.

Bringing more business

As just mentioned above,if you are one of  the member in logistics network,you will get more popularity because you are well approved by network.

Which mean,when someone is looking for an agent in a certain country, your company won’t be just one option among countless others. You will be easily found and reached, decreasing competition and facilitating the generation of business.

Logistics summits are profitable

Attending on a conference organized by the selected logistics network can be even more beneficial to your company.

Logistics network will hold a logistics summit every year for the members,it is a good opportunity that can make you face to face to contact with other members directly.

In order to choose the right network for your business, the most important thing to consider is not a high number of members.

Instead, it’s necessary to take into account the reliability of the freight forwarders, the visibility your company will have by joining the network and, therefore, your chances of making profitable business inside the group.

Joining us

So now , i would like to recommend you a great logistics network—GLA(global logistics alliance)

It’s the world’s most effective small and medium international logistics B2B also can help small and medium-sized international logistics companies in 224 countries and regions around the world to match the most suitable international agency resources.


  • Security
  • Project logistics service cases of more than 300 Fortune 500 companies
  • A 13-year experienced team of logistics experts for major projects has executed more than 10,000 major logistics cases
  • Over 5,000 strictly audited member companies in 128 countries around the world
  • We only choose world-class service standards

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