2020 is tough for all freight forwarders, mover the logistics industry become more and more competitive. Finding new business opportunities suddenly become a challenge.

Yet there are some ways to get more business opportunities. Your new business partners are always waiting for you, if you can reach them.

Through this guide, you may get the ideas of how to increase your business opportunities and become the successful freight forwarders.

How to Grow Your Freight Forwarding Business

1. Listen to your customers

No matter when, a good communication is always the best way to improve your customers experience. However even now many freight forwarders are still focusing on sales. Actually you just need some words, a simple communication may give you more chances.

Listen to your customers  to Grow Your Freight Forwarding Business

Here are some communication ways you could use:

  • Phone calls
  • Emails
  • Face to Face
  • Online meeting
  • IM Apps (WhatsAPP)
  • Socail Media Apps

Take your time to listen to your customer, no matter which ways you use, you should try your best to solve their issues. A poor communication will let you lost your deals.

Tips: Plan ahead, and give your team members a structured communication plan, so they can serve the customers better. As a result, the freight forwarderscan gain more business opportunities no doubt.

2. Join a Logistics Alliance Like GLA Family

Personal relations mean business opportunities. If you know more people, then you could have more chance to do business. In this regards, why not join a professional logistics network, and take the advantage of them?

Join a Logistics Alliance Like GLA Family

A powerful logistics network like GLA Family could let your meet other freight forwarders. After joining the network, you could get their member list and reach more new business partners worldwide.

3. Follow up your internal sales

Compared with external sales, internal sales become more and more important. The customers in the internal sales list are not new, so you can do some re-targeting to boost your sales.

Ask your team to serve some previous customers again. With some cold calls, WhatsApp messages, emails, you may remind them and get a new business.

Reference: How to boost your freight forwarding sales?

4.Use Digital Tools

Many freight forwarders are still so traditional, including the way of doing business. Why not use some new technologies to support you, which may could save your time and cost.

Use Digital Tools

Like the network we mentioned above, it’s a digital platform to connect each freight forwarders. As you can see, the digital world makes things happen. With efficient digital tools, you can smooth your management. Besides, you can use digital tools to get more espouse.

5. Segment your customers

No doubt your freight forwarders may have different type of customers. But you should not treat them in the same way. Do segment your customers, and make a structured plan to serve them.

For example, you should spend more time on the active customers, and try your best to turn them into loyalty. By contraries, you can spend less time on those inactive customers.

Even if you do some EDM campaigns, you should divide your customers into different groups.

6. Recommended by other freight forwarders

Reference is one of the best way to get more business. Since most freight forwarding are doing B2B business, a good reputation could bring you more partners.

Last Thought on freight forwarders new business

Above are some ways for freight forwarders to find new business. However all depend on your movement. If you want to be a successful freight forwarder, you should expand your network and connect more partners. Once you build some new relationships, then you could get more business opportunities in the future.

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