This year every logistics company is not easy. Due to the impact of COVID-19, some freight forwarders went bankrupt. How could you deal with these emergencies? We should learn and use those experience. No doubt it is important for freight forwarders to catch up the next trend, so you can prepare yourself for 2021.

As you may know, the logistics market will be more competitive. Boosting your sales becomes more and more difficult, fortunately here are 5 trends all logistics companies should know to prepare.

How to Boost Sales in Freight Forwarding for 2021?

1. Improve Your Customer Relationship with CRM

From traditional business mode to innovative business mode, logistics industry is changing. As a logistics company, most owners know the advantages of investing resources into client relationship. With the help of powerful CRM system, freight forwarders could smooth your customer management. For example, you can robotize information and diminish the missunderstanding for forwarders & workers.

Boost freight forwarders via CRM

While most freight forwarders think a lot of sales, but they ignore the maintenance of customer relationship. In fact, the loyal customers could bring you a hug revenues. Once your customers become loyal, you can re-sell your products to them more easily.

2.Automate Your Freight Management Workflow

Automating can smooth your logistics management, simplifying the workflow. With an automation solution, freight forwarder can improve their customer experience too.

Increase freight forwarder sales with automation

For example, those traditional paper works could become easier. Forwards can handle their daily tasks more efficiently. As a result, you can reduce your cost and save more money.

3. Take a look at Your Cash Flow

Financial statement is important to the companies, especially the logistics field. To boost your freight forwarding sales, you should keep aware of your cash flow.

keep aware of your cash flow while boosting your sales

If you take a look at your statements, you could find out who is wasting your time, or who you should keep doing business with. As the market is competitive, sometimes bad debt will happen. Moreover, the global freight rates are rising, all logistics companies should try their best to avoid the worst situation. Give up your unreliable clients and find some reliable partners, then you can increase your sales in the right way.

4. Expand Your Network

Once you know more people, then you will get more business opportunities. Yet during our daily life, we just have 24 hours. Most freight forwarders are too busy to handle many tasks, they may seek their new partners through different events. With this traditional offline way, freight forwarders could get more connections. But the period will last long, some innovative online ways can help you boost your sales faster.

Join GLA Family

For instance, a professional network will offer you the high-quality connections. Like us, GLA Family, with our help, you can easily know other reliable business partners from 170+ countries. Everyone here is eager to help each other, and increase sales together.

5. Attend Global Logistics Conference

Besides online ways, you can attend Global Logistics Conference to expand your network too. How many connections you can get will depend on the size of conference.

Each year, GLA Family will hold the famous Global Logistics Conference. GLA conference opens for all the professionals in international logistics field. On the occasion, whether you are our members or not, you can find your new business partners face to face.

Last Thought

As 2021 is coming soon, every freight forwarders should keep updated themselves the latest trends. Otherwise they will miss the right chance.

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